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I've come here to kill you

won't leave until you've died

16 June 1989
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Well, My name is Donna call me that or Dooa I don't care. I'm a little obsessed with Avenegd Sevenfold and deviantART....

I love Music especially Avenged Sevenfold and Metal. Erm I'm doing a 3rd year of Alevels at School atm because I'm shit and I failed, I clean holiday cottages on a Saturday and I work with my uncle who is a painter and decorator on mondays. I Like piercings I have lots and as soon as I have some money I plan on starting a nice n big collection of tattoos.

Jager and Jack D are my poisons of choice along with Marlboro Reds.

I'm really very friendly... I think... your just gonna have to talk to me and find out =D

Zacky Vengeance by =Dooa on deviantART